• Modular system design – easily add and remove interactive components (forum, gallery, web shop, etc.) as needed
  • Completely template-based layouts – every little detail of appearance can be customised
  • Different themes can be used simultaneously by different users
  • Free & open source software under the GPL – no costs or vendor lock-in
  • Powered by MySQL and PHP – runs on most servers

  • Clean, cruft-free and well-commented codebase
  • Intuitive admin panel
  • In addition to the regular admin panel, a "SimpleAdmin" interface is available to make basic website editing tasks easy even for novice users!

  • Simple but powerful permissions management through user groups
  • Additional fields can be added to user profiles through admin panel
  • Multi-lingual content & interface easily possible
  • Search engine friendly Short URLs
  • RSS newsfeed built in
  • Powerful caching system ensures good performance
  • Easy rich text editing through FCKEditor integration
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